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About us

Tom and Katie Jones founded Fathers Outreach after being exposed to the family courts at close quarters.

Discovering that their circumstances were worryingly typical, they felt an incumbency to do something about it. Membership of lobbying organisations yielded little satisfaction when so much practical need was apparent, and unmet.

Tom & Katie Jones, Founders

Supported by their extended family and fellow church members, they drew together other experienced parents to create a Christian-ethos organisation to engage in practical work with other disenfranchised fathers, their children and extended families. On Father's Day 2011, Fathers Outreach launched, and is now engaged in a community pilot scheme in Romford, North East London.

Tom has a young son, Thomas Ivor, from a previous marriage. He formerly worked for the railways, in various operational and public affairs roles, until November 2011, since which time he has worked in a voluntary capacity establishing Fathers Outreach. Katie graduated from Oxford University and works in the planning sector. The couple live in Northamptonshire with their daughter Ruth, and are active members of The Salvation Army's Regent Hall Corps on Oxford Street, in London's West End.

"Tom, Katie, I would just like to say thank you for the help you're giving me; I have never seen my son so happy since we started coming to your saturday group"

"So happy I have found this place.. and now I have hope.. and already feeling stronger...thanks Tom."

"To Tom and Katie, Thank you for everything you do for me and my dad. We both have lots of fun at your group"

" I first came to  Fathers Outreach in June 2012. At that time I had already had plenty of dealings with the local county court and solicitors and was stuck as to which way to go forwards with my particular case. Coming to meet Tom and Matt at Fathers Outreach was like looking at everything from a fresh perspective. They enabled me to see a a clear and logical way to deal with the problems I faced and their knowledge of how 'the system' works was invaluable. These guys have been there and been through this stuff. They give their time and experience for FREE and there are no catches. I know that if I had not come along for that first appointment I would be in very different situation to the one I am in now, and for that I am grateful. So whatever your situation, even if you think that it is hopeless as I did, then come to that first appointment you have nothing to lose and so much to gain."

" Fathers Outreach with Tom Jones and Matt Thompson are so genuine with their care and support. Their knowledge and experience has been amazing and they have helped me far beyond what I could imagine, helping me  with every aspect of my situation -

  • Listening or talking about my situation;
  • Help with requesting data I'm entitled to;
  • Helping me to write well worded letters;
  • Help with filing out forms, from court papers to data requests and others;
  • Suggesting how to deal with a situations that may arise, or have arisen;
  • They were a fresh set of eyes looking over paperwork and reports, to point out what I may have overlooked or missed;
  • They staged a mock court conversation/questioning that DID help me when at court;
  • Encouraging me in all areas where help was needed.
Over the the time I have spent with Tom and Matt their knowledge and experience has helped me time and time again, and has managed to get me to the better position that I am currently in with my situation. I cannot thank them both enough for their time at my weekly sessions attending Fathers Outreach."

Media enquiries

Fathers Outreach exists primarily to serve the needs of fathers who have, as a result of family breakdown, seen their relationship with their children at best eroded or, commonly, severed. It is not a political pressure group.

However, a subsidiary part of that service is the responsibility to articulate the needs of these vulnerable families, based on our experience of their needs and the peculiar challenges they face, by responding to policy consultations and through the media.

Press releases may be found listed below; Fathers Outreach welcomes enquiries from all parts of the media. Please email tom.jones@fathersoutreach.org.uk for a swift response.

Date Subject View
13 February 2012 Dads 'call in the Army'
6 February 2012 Fathers greet ‘legal right to have parents’,
“But we won’t believe it ‘til we see our children”


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