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If your family has been touched by the trauma of family breakdown or care proceedings, you don’t need us to tell you that it can turn your world upside down overnight.   

We found out fairly quickly that our life experiences as a grandparent, step parent, spouse, brother, sister didn’t prepare us at all for supporting someone through family breakdown.

We are going to ask you to do the unthinkable – put aside your worries for the parent(s) and the children involved, and focus for a few minutes on the impacts that family breakdown has had on you, as a supporter.

This is a time when you will be coping with a huge range of emotional stress and (often unexpected) practical challenge and upheaval. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the process, and to put to one side or to lose sight of your own needs.

To be the best support to your family during this time, you need to take time to look after yourselves.  To that end, we want to be there to support you.

  • Have you lost contact with a child?
  • How has the process affected your health?  Are you looking after yourself as well as you could?
  • Do you need help to understand the processes that your family are going through?
  • Do you need help to cope with grief?
  • Are you coping financially?
  • Are you bearing the brunt of the emotional angst from the parent?  Anger, depression, distress, exhaustion?
  • Are there things you feel you ought to do, but just can’t?
  • Do you need someone to talk to?

Our pilot scheme, including programmes for fathers and their children, are getting underway. We are now looking for input from extended families to help us shape what we offer to them in the future.

Tell us the things that you are finding (or found) the hardest Share any ideas you have for things that would make a difference to you.

We aim to launch one or more pilot programmes this Summer. Thank you for your time and input.

Email Us: contactus@fathersoutreach.co.uk

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Get involved

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Romford Salvation Army

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Dads Club
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Open to all fathers and their children, from birth to 16!

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