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Being a dad these days is tough enough when everything is going to plan – let alone when trouble comes. 3.8 million children, one in every three in Britain, does not have their father at home.

We know that it can be hard to know where to turn for reliable, practical help with the specific challenges that being separated from your children will bring, and that asking for help can be the biggest challenge.

We know because we have been there.  Start to finish.

  • The moment of realising that your relationship has ended.
  • Telling your parents, friends and family that your relationship is over.
  • Moving your belongings out of the family home.
  • Explaining to your children that Daddy still loves them.
  • Seeing your ex become your opposition.
  • Negotiating for “contact” with your child – and being deprived of it.
  • Choosing, instructing (and dispatching) solicitors.
  • Going to court.
  • Dealing with CAFCASS, the CSA, Social Services, the Police.
  • Injunctions, threats and persecution.
  • Building a new home.
  • Adjusting to new financial circumstances.
  • Finding a way to cope with grief, loneliness, depression and illness.

We also know that our “normal” support networks aren’t always enough.

Run by people with direct experience of the family courts, child contact, parental alienation and all that goes with it, Fathers Outreach provide groundbreaking, community-based support for fathers and families affected by family breakdown.

Our aim is to make you feel more like the dad you are, and to help you to deal with what comes your way, surrounded by a community of people with similar stories and interests.

We are able to provide:

Group activities One-to-one help
  • Activities for you and your children, if you see them.
  • Social activities for dads
  • Events for families and supporters
  • Help with paperwork
  • Handovers for contact
  • Attending court
  • Someone to talk to
  • Referral to other helpful services

Fathers Outreach knows that family breakdown affects every aspect of a father’s life. Whilst solicitors, government agencies and others have vested interests, we are on your side, and that of your child(ren), and will respect you as the father you are, even when others don’t.

Our pilot programme in North East London is getting underway and is open to all; we hope to reach other areas in due course.
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Get involved

Fathers Surgery
Every Wednesday
1200-1700 hrs
Romford Salvation Army

Just drop in if it's your first time.

Dads Club
Every Saturday
1000-1200 hrs
Romford Salvation Army

Open to all fathers and their children, from birth to 16!

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