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“Who are You?”

We are a group of Christian people who have been touched, directly or indirectly by the effects of family breakdown.  We share the conviction that there is much we can do to try to alleviate the suffering of those going through this traumatic process, and we are committed to putting together some means of outreach.

“Why start something new?”

Family breakdown is the number one cause of homelessness and a leading cause of suicide. A third of a million families break down each year, and around 96% of ‘non-resident parents’ using the Child Support Agency are men.

We have looked hard to see what practical support is available to parents and their families who find themselves in this desperately sad predicament, and we found none We asked our Church what its policy was – it had none.  We looked to other denominations, convinced that we would find someone offering some sort of outreach – we found none – no organised support at all.

We decided that “none” simply wasn’t a good enough Christian answer to such a widespread problem, and that if no-one was trying to reach out to meet these needs, someone definitely should be.

So, here we are.

“What is your approach?”

Family breakdown is one of the most destructive experiences anyone can go through.  We think that society and the law has some serious questions to address – the current system is failing.  But our purpose is not political lobbying – there are many other voices in that arena.
Instead, our purpose is practical outreach.  Help and support to fathers and families (and eventually, to children) who are suffering.

Our ethos is unapologetically Christian – and we want our help to be available to anyone and everyone who seeks it, regardless of background, age, sex, creed or colour and regardless of means.  This means providing support for free at the point of need - and in time, we will therefore need to raise funds.

“What do you want from me?”

We are at the early stages of developing Christian outreach to suffering families. We hope that we will find like-minded people to join us.

If you could spare time or expertise to help us, we would be delighted to hear from you.  If you would like to find out more, or discuss how you could help, please contact us. We are especially keen at the moment to hear from people interested in supporting our pilot scheme in Romford.

No special skills are required. All we need is people who care, and who are in sympathy with our aims.

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